The End of the World

So the world is supposed to end tomorrow. I just got some new information that, supposedly, the rapture will occur at 6 PM. Not just 6 PM EST, or 6 PM UTC, or 6 PM GMT, but 6 PM EVERYWHERE. Apparently, the first place it becomes 6 PM in the world will experience an earthquake that will ripple around the world. I can only assume that the 6 PM mark isn’t precise, because of fluctuations in the density of the earth and inconsistencies in time zones, not to mention that an entire time zone wouldn’t experience it at the same time if it was moving westward. But let me address this further.

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JavaScript Background Scroller

Of the many developer blogs that I read, one of my favorites is that of David Walsh. Recently he posted an update of a small function he’d written to scroll a background image constantly to easily add movement to a page. While his functions are good (with one admitted error, now fixed), many of the comments people left asked about adding parallax.

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The Cash Box Fallacy

I came across an article today which details a funny little mental test. I’d seen this elsewhere, but I thought about it more today, and decided to write up a post about it.

Find the article here.

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An Interesting Conversation

This happened to me today on Facebook:

A Friend Said:Really?! $0.40 more for gas in ONLY 9 days?!?!

I replied:Democracy in the middle east is expensive.

Mr Cynic Replied: And pointless because it won’t last

To which I said: What evidence do you have of that?

He Posited: Um… several thousand years of history on the region…

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Playing Games: Minecraft Ep. 29

Playing Games: Minecraft Episodes 29 has just gone up. It is a walkthough of the new 1.3 Beta updates. It can be found at, or watch them here:

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Playing Games, plus a bonus

Playing Games: Minecraft Episodes 28 and Playing Games: The Lost Vikings are now up.  They can be found at, or watch them here:

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